Rules in relation to Cross Country Schooling from 16.05.2020

  • All bookings to be made in advance by phone (01295 780206/ 07779287433/ 07801658885) and payment made by BACS before arriving on site.
  • DO NOT come over to the farm office on arrival.
  • Only one person may attend on foot per booking in accordance with Government advice.
  • Please park respectfully in the car park and keep a good distance from other vehicles.
  • Please text or send a WhatsApp message to 07801658885 when you arrive (text SURNAME starting) & leave (text SURNAME leaving).
  • Groups limited to 2 riders per group.
  • Sessions limited to one-hour slots on the course
  • If you fall off or need assistance, please call 07801658885/07779287433 and someone in PPE will come and assist you.
  • There are no toilets available onsite.
  • You must respect social distancing at all times- you are coming to use the facilities and then leave. If we see people loitering in groups, we will break them up and ask you to leave.
  • You will not be welcome onsite if you or any of your household have any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

Please respect the above regulations and take them seriously. Non compliance will force us to ask you to leave.


Swalcliffe Park Equestrian Ltd